Aphrodisiac Foods


For thousands of years, people have been using aphrodisiacs in an attempt to enhance their sexual pleasure. Sometimes, food is associated with aphrodisiac properties. The basic rule for selecting an aphrodisiac food is simple…. keeping it light will help you perform better.

As far as one can remember, some foods have always been known to have an aphrodisiac effect, and while Dial A Chef cannot guarantee the result, they can certainly ensure you will enjoy a very pleasant meal.

aphrodisiacs2Fennel Soup

Already during Pharaonic times, fennel was well known for its medical properties, including its use as an aphrodisiac (as well as a laxative). All parts of the plants can be used, including the bulb, the leaves and the seeds.

Escargots à l’amour

A combination of two great French inventions: l’amour and l’escargot. Normally, snails are served à la Bourguignonne, dripping of fat, but love food should be light! For a change, try this and let us know…

aphrodisiacs3Raw Oyster with ginger vinaigrette

One reason for the popularity of seafood in general, and oysters in particular, could be that such food is generally light. You do not end up overstuffed (and then under performing) after half a dozen oysters in their shell, followed by skate wings with a glass of chardonnay. Casanova is said to have a firm belief in the power of oysters, eating 50 of them raw every morning in the bath with the lady he romanced the night before.

Marinated Medallions de Boeuf with spicy onion paste

Onions have, almost since prehistoric time, been attributed aphrodisiac properties. They are mentioned in many classic Hindu texts on the art of making love, they were the most used aphrodisiac in ancient Greece, and they are frequently included as an ingredient in Roman and Arab recipes. During Pharaonic times, celibate Egyptian priests were prohibited to eat onions because of the potential effects. Later on, in France, newlyweds were served onion soup in the morning after their wedding night to restore their libido.

aphrodisiacs4Chocolate, Chocolate, something Chocolate

Most people think chocolate is an aphrodisiac as it is a traditional during Valentine’s Day. Scientifically it might be true. Chocolate contains caffeine, theobramine and pheyethylamine. Caffeine and theobramine both act as a stimulant while phenyethylamine is said to be an anti-depressant. These three make a lethal combination which can increase your heart beat and make you slightly giddy. Before you think chocolate is the answer to all your loving needs, these substances only exist in small quantities.

The biggest problem with this stimulating menu will be to decide who gets out of bed to do the dishes.

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