Home Delivery

Tuesday to Friday two main courses will be offered

(one meatless option)

Tuesday, April 20

  1. Cary spices and coconut breaded chicken breast, vegetable stir fry, basmati rice.
  2. Curried tofu and vegetables casserole, basmati rice.

Wednesday, April 21

  1. Grilled ground lamb kofta, Harissa chick peas, couscous.
  2. Middle eastern vegetable kabob, Harissa chick peas, couscous.

Thursday, April 22

  1. Chorizo and farfale casserole. Roasted peppers salad with feta, pine nuts and basil.
  2. Farfale, mushroom, spinach and sun dry tomato. Roasted peppers salad with feta, pine nuts and

Friday, April 23

  1. Beer batter cod, tartar sauce, warm potato salad.
  2. Vegetable and tofu tempura, ginger lime sauce, rice noodle salad

Sunday, May 9
Mother’s Day dinner special

Creamy asparagus velouté
Beef tenderloin wild mushroom and truffle sauce
Croquettes potatoes, vegetable medley
Strawberry and chocolate parfait

$40.00  per person, plus tax and delivery

Sunday, May 23rd
A classic mid afternoon Victoria high tea

The sandwiches
Lemony crab and cucumber club,
open face smoked salmon and avocado,
Coronation chicken sandwich, eggs and chives,
Apple bourbon finger sandwiches
The scones
Old cheddar buttermilk scones
blueberry scones, with jam and clotted cream.
The canapés
Mini chicken pot pie,
chèvre and walnut tartlet,
Waldorf skewers,
sausages rolls,
goat cheese crostini.
The petits fours
Lemon drizzles slices,
chocolate éclairs,
mini fruit flans,
chocolate cranberry
cheesecake bar.

Cost is $25.00 per person (minimum 2 persons), plus delivery and HST.

Coming Specials

Sunday, June 20th
Father’s day BBQ menu.

Thursday, July 1st
Celebrate Canada Birthday with a selection of food from
coast to coast.


Tuesday, April 27

  • Apple cranberry stuffed pork loin, rosemary sauce, mash yellow potatoes, glazed carrots.
  • Asparagus and mushroom barley risotto, romaine lettuce lemon vinaigrette.

Wednesday, April 28

  1. Grilled tuna over roasted pepper and tomato sauce, basmati rice.
  2. grilled eggplant over roasted peppers and tomato sauce, basmati rice.

Thursday, April 29

  1. Braised chicken thighs with spicy sausages and fingerlings potatoes.
  2. Braised Chipotle tofu sofritas, spicy rice.

Friday, April 30

  1. Beef, onion and cheese phyllo pastry pie, triple A salad (artichoke, asparagus & avocado).
  2. Lentils & cheese phyllo pastry pie, triple A salad (artichoke, asparagus & avocado).

The cost is $23.50 per person. There is $5.00 fee per drop. The HST is extra. Payment can be done by cash, credit card, or e-transfer. I need a one day advance notice in order to organize the meals and the delivery route. The delivery time in the Ottawa will be early afternoon, in the Kemptville area, mid afternoon. Ordering for the week : 10% off.  Reservation by phone at 613-860-2539 or email : erick@dialachef.ca

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