Christmas Check Lists

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The Christmas Party Planner

Two to four months ahead

Date of party: _________________________________
Time (starting/ending) __________________________
Place: ________________________________________

Call your caterer (Dial-A-Chef, of course!) to book the date


Three to four weeks ahead:

Choose a theme

Meet with caterer to create menu

Finalize guest list

Post invitations

Plan and select decorations

Arrange for music

Choose the perfect outfit

Arrange rental of chairs, linens, dishes, etc.

Two Weeks ahead:

Confirm guest list and give final numbers and seating arrangements to your caterer

One Week ahead

Relax because Dial-A-Chef will take care of everything! 



Christmas the Easy Way Check List


Evaluate your Christmas gift-giving list

Make your own Christmas list

Set up a photo shoot to have a family Christmas photo taken



Order gifts

Order Christmas stamps



Start your Christmas cards or letters

Compose your Christmas letter or

Purchase Christmas Cards

Address envelopes

Put stamps on

Put return labels on

Stuff envelopes

Enclose Christmas photo

Mail your Christmas cards or letters

Begin to wrap Christmas presents

Put up outdoor Christmas decorations


Finish wrapping presents

Do Christmas baking

Decorate Christmas tree

Be thankful!

Wedding Check List

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Twelve to Six months ahead

Confirm date, wedding style and budget
Decide venue for ceremony
Choose reception location and caterer (Dial A chef Party Planner may come in handy!)
Make bookings and pay deposits
Arrange appointment with marriage celebrant or clergy
Draw up tentative guest list
Choose bridesmaids, best man and other attendants
Begin shopping for a wedding dress
Choose and purchase wedding rings
Arrange hiring of marquee, tables, chairs, etc.
Book musicians or other entertainment
Book photographer and videographer
Book florist
Book wedding transport
Start planning your honeymoon and make travel arrangements

Three to four months ahead:

Finalize guest list
Choose and buy bridesmaid dresses
Prepare bridal gift list and register with a department
Order invitations, place cards and other stationery
Select outfits for the groom and his party
Arrange rental of all necessary equipment in garden


Six to Eight Weeks Ahead:

Complete Notice of Intended Marriage form
Post invitations
Choose gifts for attendants
Order the wedding cake
Practice your makeup or make an appointment with a
air/makeup artist for the wedding day
Make hair and manicure appointments for the wed-
ding day

Four weeks ahead

Plan pre-wedding parties
Begin thank you notes as gifts arrive
Finalize rehearsal arrangements
Schedule final dress fittings
Arrange seating for the reception

Two Weeks Ahead

Confirm guest list and give final numbers and seating
arrangements to your reception venue/caterer
Reconfirm all details with the florist, photographer, car hire, musicians, marquee hire and any other service providers you’ll need on the day

One week ahead

Hold a rehearsal
Make sure the groom and best man have speeches
Check the bridal party’s outfits for correct fit
Arrange post reception party venue for guests
Pack for the honeymoon

Spring 2005 Newsletter

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As May arrives with scent of lilacs hanging heavy in the air, it heralds the beginning of the wedding season! With the fast pace we live nowadays, planning all the details of a wedding can be a source of stress for some. At Dial A Chef, we specialize in details and with just a phone call, we can help to make your day as wonderful as you dreamed it would be!

Weddings are sometimes planned a year in advance, so for those of you who plan to get married, or have children or grandchildren who plan to get married soon, I have put together a “Wedding Planner” to assist you with the details.

Remember that Dial A Chef can accommodate rehearsal dinners, wedding banquets, and “ retour de noce” (the day after brunch) so you can relax and enjoy a memorable day!

As quickly as Spring arrives so does Summer outdoor entertaining with great BBQs and warm evenings on the deck! With all the added distractions of anticipated landscaping, deadlines before vacation and tending to the basic family needs, who in the world has time to prepare delicious creations for your summer parties feast? Even so, just as a tease, I am sharing a quick and easy lemon custard recipe that you can make on the side burner of your BBQ.


Lemon Custard

1 lemon 40 g butter
2 eggs 80 g sugar
1 pint berries 200 ml whipped cream

Zest the lemon. In a sauce pan combine the butter, the sugar and the 2 eggs. Add the lemon juice and cook on medium low heat, stirring constantly until the first sign of boiling. Cool and fill parfait glasses with cold lemon custard. Top with berries marinated in Grand Marnier and a rose of whipped cream. Garnish with fresh mint and enjoy! Everybody loves a barbecue! Follow these tips for preparing, cooking, serving and storing barbecued foods safely (from CFIA).


Barbecue Tips


•Clean and sanitize all utensils, equipment and work surfaces with a mild bleach solution (use 5ml/1tsp. of bleach in 750ml/3 cups water). Do this before and after you have finished preparing food.Rinse with clean water. Let air dry if possible, or use clean kitchen towels or paper towels.
•Before you begin your food preparation, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and hot water. Wash them again when you switch from one food to another. Be sure to wash your hands after you touch raw meat, poultry or seafood.
•Keep raw foods away from cooked foods. Do not use the same plate or tray or utensils for raw and cooked meats.
•Keep meats, salads and perishable foods in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them. If you store your food in a cooler, pack the cooler with freezer packs to keep the temperature at or below 4°C (40°F). Keep the cooler lid closed as much as possible. Store your cooler in the shade, away from birds and animals.
•Preheat the barbecue before you start to cook. If you use a charcoal barbecue, use enough charcoal to cook everything and make sure it is glowing red before you begin to cook.


•Precook poultry if possible and then put it on the BBQ immediately. You don’t want any food to be exposed to danger zone temperatures (4°C- 60°Cor 40°F- 140°F).
•Use a food thermometer to make sure that food has reached a safe internal temperature.
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Winter 2005 Newsletter

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After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, why not beat the winter blues and plan a party! There is no better way to enjoy the winter than with good friends and good food! Book a party between now and the end of April and I’ll come back to you during July and August for half-price!

Once again this year I will be cooking up a storm at the Ottawa Outdoor Show, February 24 to the 27, held at Lansdowne Park! Meet me at the Cottage Cooking Stage for some scrumptious fish and game recipes along with BBQ ideas for next summer!

If you are planning a fund raising or charity event, why not allow me to offer up my expertise? I’d be happy to assist you with the planning and I will donate my time!

Choosing Potatoes:

Potatoes can be divided into two general categories: mealy and waxy. Brown-skinned russets are the mealy type while white, red and new potatoes are waxy. Mealy potatoes cook up light and fluffy and are good for baking, mashing and frying. Waxy potatoes hold their shape during cooking, when sliced, diced and boiled whole. Knowing this will help you choose the right potato!

Adding garlic to a recipe:

When a recipe calls for adding oil, garlic and onions to a pan, always add garlic last. This keeps it from burning and tasting bitter.

Take the guesswork out of cooking by hosting an in-home cooking demonstration. Learn the secrets of the greats as you observe some of your very favourite dishes being prepared. The class ends with a sampling of all the wonderful treats ! 



3 tbsp. oil
2 each carrot, peeled & diced
2 each celery sticks, diced
1 each onion, peeled & diced
3 each garlic cloves
4 slices bacon, diced
2 litre water
500 gram lentils du Puy
3 each tomato, peeled & diced
350 ml red wine
1 tbsp
tomato paste
Salt, pepper, thyme
Over medium heat sauté the diced vegetables and the
bacon. Add the lentils, water, thyme, salt, pepper, garlic
and tomato paste. Bring to a boil and let simmer for
about 45 minutes or until lentils are tender. In a
separate sauce pan combine red wine and tomato; bring
mixture to a boil and reduce by half. Add to the soup
just before serving. Can be also served with a dollop of
sour cream.


Don’t be disappointed. Book your 2005 Christmas Party now and get the date you want.

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